Sebastian Westberg

I am professional Freestyle motocross driver born 1992 in Särkisalo Finland. I compete and travel performing shows around the world spreading word of finnish extreme sports. I also write columns in Offroad Pro magazine every now and then.

My first moped I bought with my dad when I was 8 years old. After that I have not lived a day without motorcycle.

I have been doing freestyle motocross since I was 18 years old. Back then I bought my first 450cc bike and pickup truck for traveling with bike. In 2013 I performed my first show and from that the journey begun.


  • Red Bull X-fighters Madrid 2016 12th
  • Adrenaline Rush FMX Moscow 2016 2nd place
  • SFT Mayhemit 2014 Best whip 1st place
  • SFT Mayhemit 2015 Best whip 1st place
  • First to land a “Eggroll” in North-Europe
  • Only backflipper in Finland.
  • Tukums Freestyle Open 2017 1st
  • Tukums Best Whip 2017 1st
  • Sebfmx FEST 17 Best Whip 2nd
  • First and only frontflip in Finland
  • SFT mayhemit 2017 Best whip 1st place
  • SFT mayhemit 2017 best run 1st place

Performed shows

Travelled kilometers

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